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This Official Utah UT Roadside Memorial Registry page will allow you to register, plot, and pay tribute to your loved one(s) Roadside Memorial for the State of Utah UT.  The regulation, rules, laws, policy, procedures and or guidelines, etc. The information provided below for the Utah UT State Roadside Memorials is ever changing and we will do our best to maintain this information for you.  If you have new or updated regulation information that we have not posted, please let us know HERE.

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Utah UT State Roadside Memorials Rules, Laws, Regulations and more.

Policy for Utah (UT) Roadside Memorials UDOT 06C-10 Effective: May 26, 2005 Revised: March 24, 2015

The only program about which we are aware is the Utah program for remember fallen state troopers. Refer to this web page: https://highwaypatrol.utah.gov/fallen-trooper-memorial/

These procedures provide an opportunity to recognize the needs of grieving families and friends in a way that is consistent with motorist safety and the Utah Department of Transportation’s (Department) operations. The Utah UT Roadside memorials will also serve to remind motorists to drive safely. The Roadside Memorial program is not intended to serve as a free speech forum. Policy This policy applies to all highways under the jurisdiction of the Department. Placement of Utah roadside memorials, according to this policy will be allowed on State highways only for fatal crashes and by written agreement between the Department and the family. All families must agree to the terms of the agreement in the case of multiple family fatal crashes. Fatal crashes older than five years will not be considered for the Roadside sign Memorial programs.
Roadside memorials will be one of the following options.

1. Adopt-a-Highway program
2. Utah Trooper Memorial Program: Fallen Trooper Memorial | DPS – Highway Patrol (utah.gov)
1. All current policies and procedures for the Adopt-a-Highway program will apply to roadside memorials. Applicants must comply with Utah Admin Code R918-4.
2. The Adopt-a-Highway signs will be supplemented with a plaque from the Utah Standard Highway Sign Supplement.
3. No private memorials will be allowed at the site. The Department will remove and dispose of any private memorials.
Memorial Safety Sign Program
1. Safety signs will only be installed with a written agreement between the Department and the family.
2. The Department will pay the cost of the sign and installation.
3. Placement of signs will be limited to one per mile. Signs will NOT be placed in locations where conflicts with other priority signs exist. The Region Traffic Operations Engineer will make this determination. The Engineer for Traffic and Safety will have the final approval for funding.
4. Supplemental plaque designating memorial will be in place for one year. Current supplemental plaques can be renewed by the family only by written request to the Department if there are no additional requests for the sign located on the waiting list.
5. The sign design will conform to the Utah Standard Highway Sign Supplement.
6. No private memorials will be allowed at the site. The Department will remove and dispose of any private memorials.
7. Religious symbols may not be placed on State rights-of-way

Read about a legal case relating to Utah memorials here where the court held that roadside crosses were legal:  Utah UT roadside memorials.


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there is a memorial at 2800 s 8400 west in Magna. it does not look like the family of wendy molina has the authorization from the state to have it there.
fyi. it was suicide and not a traffic issue.
please have someone investigate this memorial.
thank you!

Marta Barlow

How does one go about placing a memorial for non-family victims of a fatal highway accident along I-15? Can I just go pound a memorial cross into the ground by the side of the road? Please advise. Thank you.

James Hill

You can always take the risk and build one yourself. This is dangerous depending upon the location and that is why most states will remove them. It is possible that the State of Utah would tear it down. If you do build one be sure to document it here on the website so if it gets torn down you can at least have a virtual reminder. So many of the roadside tributes I have featured here were later torn down. I’ll send you an email with more information about the whole topic you mentioned. Jim Hill, Founder.


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