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This Official Texas TX Roadside Memorial Registry page will allow you to register, plot, pinpoint and pay tribute to your loved one(s) Roadside Memorial for the State of Texas TX.  The regulations regarding the creation of tribute sites in Texas change from time to time, so if you know of any changes, please let us know HERE.

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Texas TX State Flag Roadside Memorials, rules, laws, policy & Registry.

The Texas TX Roadside Memorial Sign Programs give family or friends of victims of either motorcycle crashes and of drunk / drugged driving the opportunity to purchase a sign to be placed near the site of a crash.  Each Texas TX Roadside Memorial Sign, bearing the name(s) of the victim(s), serves to commemorate loved ones while raising awareness of these serious issues. 

Please follow this link to learn about all of the laws regarding roadside tributes in the State of Texas:


Thanks to Blanca for sending us that updated link (March, 2023)!

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Elizabath Lopez

How can I find out the name for the roadside cross down the street from my house

James Hill

Evidently this is a private marker not one placed there by the state of Texas. The easiest way to locate this is to search online for something like “fatal accident at xxx” where xxx is the street location, say something like “5th and Main.” Include the name of the city. “Fatal accident on 5’th and Main in Decatur, Texas.” Etc.

Carl Hoffmeyer

Would like to place a memorial for granddaughter at site of accident on highway

Loise Olsen

Can I leave a Cross in a cement small can for my husband that lost control of his motorcycle & passed away on contact with curb under a Freeway in Houston ?

James Hill

That is actually a very good idea that gets around some of the danger of building a tribute site and also may help reduce the chance that the state or local government removes it. Sorry for you loss and may God bless you during this difficult phase. Jim Hill, webmaster


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