How it Works

How Roadside Tribute Works

Roadside Tribute provides a way for the family and friends of roadside accidents to preserve the memories of their lost loved ones by providing a site to capture the picture of the physical tribute site and ways to share the story.  Physical tributes sites are a great way for people to find healing after losing someone in an accident. But they can only be viewed in one physical location. Roadside Tribute provides a way to share the site with others, electronically, as well as through social networks.

How Much Does it Cost?

At the current time it is free to post your tribute site.

How Do I Get Started?

There are two ways that you can add a tribute site.

  1. If you took a picture of a tribute site using your smart phone and just want to send it to us without registering on this web site you can just fill out our online form with the information you have.  You can then just contact us with any updates you may find out about the tribute site(s) you send us.
  2. Or, simply register and then create your virtual roadside tribute site.  You should first search to see if there is already a site created by someone else.  You may then claim that site created by another person.  The claim process gives priority to the people who created the physical tribute site. If an issue arises with a claim it is possible to create multiple virtual tribute sites for the same physical location.