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James Hill
Author: James Hill

I have a passion for eliminating roadway accidents after having seen so much pain and suffering caused by them around the world. My background is in mechanical engineering where I began my career with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan working in Body Engineering. I remember the first test crash I watched and how sick my stomach felt when the car crashed into the concrete wall. This memory is forever "cemented" into my mind. As an aircraft pilot I was always focused upon safety procedures, and this way of thinking has made its way into my research into automotive safety. In a desire to end traffic accidents I created this Roadside Tribute site and manage a sister site RoadsideMemorialTributes.com web sites. I also created and manage the Christians for Christ Ministries https://www.christiansforchrist.com web site and a sister site to Roadside Tribute for drowning victims called Lakeside Tribute https://lakesidetribute.com/. My daytime job is to manage and implement the digital marketing programs for User Friendly Consulting, Inc.