About Us

Roadside Tribute is a place for you to share your memories about the loved ones you have lost to accidents. To date it has been entirely funded by Jim Hill, a mechanical engineer with a passion for improving road safety as well as providing a means of comfort for those grieving the loss of their loved ones.

How it Came About

The site was inspired by Jim Hill’s work in creating ornamental metal signs. After driving by numerous roadside tribute sites and seeing how so many had broken down and faded over time, Jim had the idea of creating a longer lasting memorial for each of these sites. He began taking pictures of the tribute site with his smart phone which also tagged each picture with the geographical coordinates of each location. This eventually led to a multi-year project to create the site.

Our Goals: Long Term Preservation of Memories and Help to Those Who are Grieving

Our goal is to help those who are grieving and also to provide a long term means to preserve the memories of those lost in roadside accidents. Physical tribute sites are a great way to remember family members and friends who died in accidents, but due to their very nature of being outside in the weather they tend to degrade over time.  Photographing the tribute site and posting them here provides an easy (and free) way to preserve the tribute site online.

About Jim Hill

Jim Hill began his engineering career at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.  He worked in the area of body engineering and during this time he was exposed to many aspects of automotive safety design.  After working the first half of his career in engineering he transitioned to information technology.  In his current position he is responsible for digital marketing and IT infrastructure including security, regulatory compliance, and the design of digital marketing systems and procedures.  Jim is passionate about improving vehicle safety and this web site is the result of his experience in automotive engineering and information technology.

Virtual Roadside Tribute Sites: Coming Soon

Some who have lost loved ones would like to remember the accident site but have not yet built a physical roadside tribute site. The long germ plan of this web site is to provide a way to create a virtual roadside tribute to honor the memories of loved ones lost in accidents without actually erecting a physical site. For now there is a requirement to take a picture of a physical site. With a virtual tribute site this requirement will be removed.

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The building of tribute sites at crash scenes is inherently dangerous and may also be subject to both state and local regulations.  The viewers of this site should not construe that the owners of the Roadside Tribute we site in any way authorize, suggest, or encourage the building of physical tribute sites and especially on public or private property which you do not own or control.