Roadside Tribute Memorials, what are they?

Roadside Tribute Memorials are located all around the world. We are sure that you have seen a Roadside Tribiute to two driving down the road.

Roadside Memorial Tribute next to a telephone pole.

A Roadside Tribute or also more widely known as Roadside Memorials can be seen in every state and every country across the globe.  Roadside Tributes are more commonly used when referring to a larger specific religious based shrine of some sorts.  But along with the same theme of Roadside Memorials, depending on how the term is used its all one in the same.  Paying tribute on the side of the road.  Roadside Memorials are just more geared to an individual Person or accident, Tributes are more for religious settings like you would see in church.  Roadside Memorial Tributes can be decorated with items like Crosses and Wreaths onto headstones of some sort.

Some states and or countries may be more prone to put up and build one of these Roadside Tributes than the others.  The South in the USA comes to mind…..but whos counting.

Roadside Tributes date way way way back and come with it only the imagination of the person or persons building, erecting or putting up the Roadside Tribute.  Some are HUGE and some are so small that you just about don’t see them.  Have you ever seen the Roadside Tributes or Location Tributes for some of the mass shootings or accidents?  These can reach epic proportions and each one of them is dealt with separately especially once the length of the tragedy grows.  Maybe there is or has been an official Roadside Tribute put up even if the state or country didn’t or doesn’t have an Official Roadside Tribute program or laws. Are Roadside Tribures allowed or not allowed?

Now, depending on where you live in this unfair world, there are different rules, laws, policy, procedures, fees, permits regulations, code etc. and more on each state or countries Roadside Tribute toleration on the roadways.  This can range from no policy to full official state run Roadside Tribute programs.  These programs range from same design signs to community grave yards to you can build your own personal roadside Tribute.  I would check with your state or even county office for the latest laws.  Silk flowers and crosses are usually one of the Roadside Tributes set ups that you see.

One of the biggest issues or concerns with Roadside Tributes is safety.  We have read 1000 different safety reasons on why Roadside Tributes should not be allowed.  We agree on the safety aspect but we also think that that reason is also over used and over rated on it’s own.  There are just as many ways and reasons why Roadside Tributes are not dangerous or create a safety risk to passers by or anybody else.  Kind of seems like its only the folks that have not ever lost a loved one on the side of a roadside and built a Tribute for them that are the nay sayers for the most part.  But not all, we are sure that there are folks that have lost a loved one that think that there are safety issues.  

If you erect a Roadside Tribute we would suggest using some VERY BASIC COMMON SENSE……Like….Don’t over do it.  Don’t build anything permanent that would normally requite a county inspector to approve if you get our drift.  Roadside Tributes should be small, not over done and put in a location that won’t interfere with state workers ability to mow onto work on utilities like power, water, sewer etc etc.  But also don’t put it on private property or land that isn’t yours or that you don’t have permission to use.  The list goes on and on and on for just simple ways to put up your roadside tribute memorial. So maybe check in with your city, county or state on if your Roadside Tribute is legal or illegal to put up.

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