Minnesota Roadside Memorial Tributes

This Official Minnesota MN Roadside Memorial Registry page will allow you to register, plot, pin point and pay tribute to your loved one(s) Roadside Memorial for the State of Minnesota MN.  The regulation, rules, laws, policy, procedures and or guidelines etc information provided below for the Minnesota MN State Roadside Memorials is ever changing and we will do our best to maintain this information for you.  If you have new or updated regulation information that we have not posted, please let us know HERE.

Minnesota MN state flag Roadside Memorial.

Minnesota MN state flag Roadside Memorial.

Minnesota MN Roadside Memorials for Dakota County

According to a Minnesota DOT Employee, MN state statutes indicate that roadside memorials are not allowed along interstates, U.S. highways or state highways. The state has always tried to be sensitive to family and friends of people who have died in vehicle accidents, giving an unwritten 30-day grace and grieving period before removing the Minnesota MN roadside memorials.

Dakota County Minnesota MN Roadside Memorials

​When a death occurs on a Dakota county highway, the County’s practice is to allow a Minnesota roadside memorial to be placed adjacent to the right-of-way line near the death location for up to six months. TheMinnesota Roadside roadside memorial shall be small in size and placed in a location that is acceptable to adjacent property owners. A Roadsidce memorial will not be allowed if it may negatively affect safety, traffic flow, or interferes with routine maintenance such as mowing.

Minnesota MN Roadside Memorials placed longer than six months require a Dakota County permit.

A Minnesota MN Roadside memorial marker may be placed longer than six months with an approved County Obstruction Permit. Obstruction permit fees are waived for memorial marker placements.

Markers may not exceed one square foot in size and must be placed flush with the ground. The placement, replacement and maintenance of a Minnesota MN Roadside memorial marker is the responsibility of the permit holder. The permit request will be reviewed as it relates to safety, parking, bicycle and pedestrian use, maintenance, and other related considerations.

The marker may remain in place until roadway improvements require its removal. At that time, the permit holder will be contacted to recover the marker. If the marker is not removed by the permit holder, the Roadside Memorial Minnesota MN marker will be removed by the County.

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for my State of Minnesota MN to put up a Roadside Memorial?

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How do I apply for and get approval for a roadside tribute for a family member who died in an accident in Rochester MN on hey 14?

James Hill

I am not aware of any State program in Minnesota which provides roadside tributes as do states like Florida and Missouri. The only option is taking risk in placing something there yourself. This can also be removed depending upon where it was placed. I will email what I know about that.



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