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This Official Florida FL Roadside Memorial Registry page will allow you to register, plot, pin point and pay tribute to your loved one(s) Roadside Memorial for the State of Florida FL.  The regulation, rules, laws, policy, procedures and or guidelines etc information provided below for the Florida FL State Roadside Memorials is ever changing and we will do our best to maintain this information for you.  If you have new or updated regulation information that we have not posted, please let us know HERE.

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Roadside Tribute in Florida

Florida FL has had their Roadside Memorial Sign Program in effect since about 1997.  15″ Round signs reading Drive Safely and the name of the person that the Roadside Memorial is dedicated to written below that.

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Roadside Memorials and the State Florida Flag.

Cameron Sloan Roadside Memorial Port St Lucie Florida

Devi Sookdeo Singh Roadside Memorial West Palm Beach Florida

Joseph Toole, Panama City Florida Roadside Memorial

The Florida Department of Transportation banned Roadside Memorials on state roads in 1996, but the next year the state allowed the erection of small plastic Drive Safely Roadside Memorial Sign  Markers with the name of the deceased.

The lollipop shaped signs can stay there for a year, and the family can request a one-year extension — depending on the city or county where the memorial is located.

Florida Department of Transportation Roadside Memorial Sign Program

The Florida Department of Transportation established the Memorial Marker Program to commemorate those who have died as a result of a vehicle related accident on the State Highway System. In an effort to increase public awareness of highway safety, it is the Department’s policy to allow the placement of memorial markers within the state road right of way. 

The markers consist of a round 15″ diameter aluminum sign panel with white background and black letters mounted to a 5 ft. steel u-channel post. All markers are uniformly inscribed “Drive Safely, In Memory” followed by the deceased’s name. They are manufactured at the FDOT sign fabrication facility and the Department absorbs all costs for the construction, installation and maintenance of the markers in order to offer them free to the public. They are allowed to remain on the right of way for one year and the Department reserves the right to have them removed due to construction or other maintenance needs. 

The markers may not necessarily be placed at the exact location where the fatality occurred due to restricted space, safety concerns, property owner complaints or other constraints. The Department installs markers only on designated state roads and does not have the authority to place them on City or County roads. Memorial markers will not be erected where they are prohibited by the local governmental entity. 

Requests for memorial markers may be made by immediate family members or friends, with requests from friends requiring the approval of the deceased’s immediate family.

What is the procedure to get a “Drive Safely” Florida Roadside Memorial sign?

As a public service and to increase awareness of highway safety, it is FDOT’s policy (850-050-004-c) to fabricate and install Highway Safety Memorial Markers within the State Highway rights of way to:

  • Memorialize people who have died as a result of a vehicle related crash.
  • Remind motorists to protect human life by driving safely.

Requests for Highway Safety Memorial Markers within the State Highway rights of way are to be submitted in writing to the FDOT Area Maintenance Engineer with jurisdiction of area where the incident occurred. Requests may be made by immediate family members or friends, with requests from friends requiring the approval of the deceased’s immediate family. A notation of how the name should appear on the marker, contact information for the immediate family and a copy of the collision report should be included with the written request. With this, the marker is placed in safe proximity to the site of the incident. 

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Edgar perez

I want to order a drive safe sign for my uncle who passed if u may please send me information on how ro do so

Teresa Myers

I would like to get a Road side memorial for my husband Donald Myers that died on the scene after a vehicle hit him while riding his bicycle


I have sent this numerous times? What do I have to do to get a roadside sign memorial form my SO????

James Hill

I am so sorry to hear. You may wish to create a tribute site here on Roadside Tribute. Just take a picture using your smart phone, create an account on here, then upload the picture. It will detect the location automatically. You may then add and later edit your details. Jim Hill

Bridget franklin

I’d like to get a sign made for a close friend that passed away in a car accident. Please email me the details as to how to get it made. He deserves this just as much as any other person.

Hilda Rocha

How can I get a memorial for my son Oscar N Perez.
Date of accident:12/13/2020. On imperial pkwy and shangri-la bonita springs.

Bridget Green

My brother was killed as a pedestrain crossing the street in Orlando, crossing the street at the corner of Washington Street and Orange Blossom Trail. Please advise who do I need to contact for a memorial marker.

Dishune Moore

I am looking for I formation to put a roadside memorial for my son that passed away 12/9/22. Please contact me.
Thanks in advance

James Hill

I am sorry for your loss. Since you are in Florida here is the process that you need to follow:

I am not sure how long this takes but the State of Florida is very serious about getting this done for you.

Again, I am sorry for your loss.

Jim Hill, Webmaster, Roadside Tribute


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