Are Roadside Memorials Legal or Illegal

Here is another small basic but meaningful Roadside Memorial.  This one is in the median of a cross road/sideroad.  Looks as though there use to be an actual road sign in this spot, perhaps a stop sign.

Are Roadside Memorials Legal or Illegal?  The age old question arises over and over again.  There doesn’t seem to be any real rules, laws, policy, procedures about erecting and putting up Roadside Memorials across the board covering a blanket policy to all 50 USA States.  We start our list alphabetically with Alabama State Roadside Memorial Registry PAGE and all the way through Wyoming State Roadside Memorial Registry PAGE.

So with that it’s up to each State to determine if they view Roadside Memorials as legal or illegal.  In the grand picture of things, we know that all good caring folks always want to do the right thing.  With that we are talking about obeying the current laws governing their State when it comes to legal or illegal Roadside Memorials.

Some States allow hand made personal Roadside Memorial Tribute Shrines for their loved ones that re very legal and not illegal in any way.  Some do not.  Some do not have any kind of program NOR do they have ANY thing close to anything documented on putting up Roadside Memorials.  Some we hear have legislation in the “process”.

 Some have State organized Roadside Memorial programs that are official and very legal and this is the best way in many families eyes for many reasons…..but that’s another article of its own.  There are States that allow you to make Roadside Memorials yourself but they can only be up and shown for certain periods of time before they need to be taken down.  Some States also make you your own real Roadside Memorial Sign and install it just like a real sign but along with that is a fee for this process, service, materials, time etc. and usually still have permit time limits that we believe need to be renewed (paid) again and or just applied for to renew once the initial permit is issued and the sign made and installed.  BUT,…don’t quote us on that 100% just yet. We will get to each state one by one on the MAIN State Roadside Memorial Registry START HERE Page.

Now, if a State doesn’t have ANY written rules, policy, procedures, laws…..does that mean that you can erect anything you want on the side or public state maintained roads in the form of a Roadside Memorial?  And if you did this would it be legal or illegal in the States eyes?

Just because the State doesn’t’t have laws on the books about Roadside Memorials and if they are legal or illegal, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have laws on the books about the roadside specifically and nothing being built oer erected be it a Roadside Memorial or not.  There is always a catch all and we always know this.  If they don’t get you one way, they get you another way.

So with the very encouraging words above, the age old question still remains.  Are Roadside Memorials Legal or Illegal?

Hopefully we have given you some or enough information or links to your States information, policy, laws, regulations, procedures etc. to get you pointed in the right direction.  We will do our best to keep the individual States information on if Roadside Memorials are legal or illegal in each state and change it as needed.

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