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This Official Alaska AK Roadside Memorial Registry page will allow you to register, plot, pin point and pay tribute to your loved one(s) Roadside Memorial for the State of Alaska AK.  The regulation, rules, laws, policy, procedures and or guidelines etc information provided below for the Alaska AK State Roadside Memorials is ever changing and we will do our best to maintain this information for you.  If you have new or updated regulation information that we have not posted, please let us know HERE.

Alaska offers free, official Roadside Memorial signs that stay in place for 10 years.

State of Alaska does have an Official Roadside Memorial Tribute Program. BUT it does allow you to put up and make your own Roadside Memorial Tribute for your loved one.

Read below before you build and set up your own Roadside Memorial Tribute in the State of Alaska.  Alaska does have an official program but it does have some regulations on the personally built Roadside Memorials that you can put up also.

Alaska State Flag representing Roadside Memorials!!

Article: Roadside Memorial Tributes Russian Orthodox shrine in Sitka, Alaska

In general, every year, more than 70 people lose their lives on Alaska roads and highways. Frequently, loved ones and friends choose to honor the memory of these individuals by placing a memorial object or display near the location where they died. The Alaska Legislature took notice of this custom and passed House Bill 127 in May 2003. This bill authorizes the placement of memorial markers within the state’s rights-of-way for a period of two years. The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) respects this custom and offers the following information on how to place these roadside memorials, and how to promote the safe use of the highway while the roadside memorials are being placed. Please contact your local DOT&PF Maintenance Office to register the roadside memorial and for assistance with placement. Identify your roadside memorial … DOT&PF will not ordinarily contact you regarding your roadside memorial. However, in case this becomes necessary, please place a small durable tab or label with your name, address, and daytime telephone number on the roadside memorial. If you need to contact us … If it becomes necessary to remove the memorial, our employees will attempt to preserve the items removed and will hold them at the local maintenance office for you to claim. Types of roadside memorials … A roadside memorial means decorations, flags, flowers, and other lightweight objects or ornamentation commonly used at funerals or gravesites. Roadside memorials may not be made of reflective material, or have a political or commercial message.

Alaska Roadside Memorials, We Respect Your Feelings

Please help us … Highway employees perform a variety of activities on the roadway and within the right-of-way to properly maintain our road system. Our highways also serve as corridors for utilities and are bordered by private property. Please be aware of our needs and of the rights, requirements, and feelings of our neighbors when placing any roadside memorial. For instance … • Don’t place any items on, in front of, or alongside private property or residences without express permission. • Don’t attach anything to trees, signal or utility poles, the guardrails, traffic signs, or street light poles. • If a guardrail is present, please place your tribute behind it. • Stay well away from ditches, culvert pipes, bridges, and other highway features where highway employees need access. PLEASE KEEP YOURSELF AND OTHERS SAFE! Our foremost concern is that you, our employees, and the traveling public remain safe while your memorial is being placed, is present, or is being maintained. You should park safely and completely clear of the travel lanes, even if it means walking some distance. It may be necessary to relocate your memorial to a nearby site to avoid endangering yourself or creating a hazard. Memorials may not be placed: • In the median of any divided highway • On any bridge • Where they would block sight distance from any intersecting road or driveway or obscure any traffic control device • On any traffic signs, traffic control devices, utility poles, or highway fences.

Roadside Memorials, Alaska Legal Resource Center

AS 19.25.260. Alaska AK Roadside Memorial Tributes are Permitted Allowed.

(a) Notwithstanding AS 19.25.090 , 19.25.105, and 19.25.200, a person may, for a period of not more than two years, place in the right-of-way but outside of the traveled way of a state highway a temporary memorial for a decedent who died as a result of a traffic accident, or other incident in the right-of-way, at or reasonably near the site where the memorial is located.
(b) A n Alaska roadside tribute memorial must not interfere with the use of the highway, with other uses of the right-of-way, with the visibility of directional and other official signs and notices, or with highway safety, construction, or maintenance.
(c) The person who places a memorial in the right-of-way of a state highway shall(1) post the person’s contact information on the memorial;
(2) inform the department of the location within seven days of placement of the memorial; and
(3) provide the person’s contact information to the department.(d) A person may not place a political or commercial message on a memorial.
(e) A person may not place reflective material or another item on a memorial if that material or item would be distracting to drivers and other users of the right-of-way.
(f) The state is not liable for damage to, or damage or injury resulting from the presence of, a Alaska roadside memorial in the right-of-way of a state highway.
(g) In this section, “memorial” means decorations, flags, flowers, and other lightweight objects or ornamentation commonly used at funerals or at gravesides as a tribute to a decedent.

Roadside Memorials Permitted in Alaska

AS 19.25.250. Removal of Alaska AK Roadside Memorial Tributes After Noncompliance, Removal Expense.

After a failure of the owner of an encroachment to comply with a notice or demand of the department under the provisions of AS 19.25.200 , 19.25.210 and 19.25.230, the department may remove, or cause to be removed, the encroachment, and the owner of the encroachment shall pay to the department.

(1) the expenses of the removal of the encroachment;
(2) all costs and expenses paid by the state as a result of a claim or claims filed against the state by third parties for damages due to delays because the encroachment was not changed, removed, or relocated according to the order of the department; and
(3) costs and expenses of suit.

Article 04. Alaska AK ROADSIDE MEMORIALS and or tributes

AS 19.25.270. Relocation or Removal of Alaska AK Roadside Memorial Tributes.

(a) If, incidental to the construction or maintenance of a state highway, the department determines that a memorial authorized by AS 19.25.260 must be changed, relocated, or removed, the person who placed the Alaska AK Roadside memorial Tribute within the right-of-way shall change, relocate, or remove the memorial at no expense to the state within a reasonable time set by the department. If the owner does not change, relocate, or remove a memorial within the time set by the department, the memorial is an unauthorized encroachment and subject to the provisions of AS 19.25.230 – 19.25.250.
(b) If a memorial in the right-of-way of a state highway does not comply with the requirements of AS 19.25.260 , the Alaska AK roadside memorial is an unauthorized encroachment. The department may require removal of the encroachment in the manner provided in AS 19.25.230 – 19.25.250.

Alaska Department Of Transportation, Roadside Memorials

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