What are the Laws of Roadside Memorials

A nice Roadside Memorial set up against a tree.  Not sure if the tree was involved in the accident or not or just a place to rest and prop up this Roadside Memorial Tribute.

What are the Laws of Roadside Memorials? Although these Roadside Memorials within themselves look to be innocent and emotional, some of the States have passed different policy, regulations and or laws in an attempt to get rid of the Roadside Memorials. Legal and govt officials argue that roadside memorial shrines are distracting to motorists and other roadway users on the road.

To the point that they put into law that the roadside memorials were not allowed as personally built shrine tributes to the death.  Also most all of the home made roadside memorials feature religious something that may step on the foot of the Constitution. Society also claim that the real reason of building a Roadside Memorial or tribute shrine on public property/private is against the law and unlawful.

VA, has legal Laws Roadside Memorial shrine Programs, these and some other states require folks to obtain official permits paid and unpaid, before they can build or have a Roadside Memorial put up on the requester behalf.  Even though there are laws on the books, we are not sure how strick these laws are followed or adhere to.  With the emotional aspect of the Roadside Memorials, sometimes it seems as though a blind eye is used when it comes to regulating them and the laws that may govern them.

 Many folks will always pay tribute to their loved ones along the roadsides regardless of the state laws. If you erect a Roadside Memorial and the laws in your state do not allow them, just be prepared that yours may and might be taken down without your notice.  Each state is different and each state will have their own set of laws or not.  We would suggest that you look into your specific state and the laws that come with your state and Roadside Memorials.


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