Washington Roadside Memorial Tributes

This Official Washington WA Roadside Memorial Registry page will allow you to register, plot, pin point and pay tribute to your loved one(s) Roadside Memorial for the State of Washington WA.  The regulation, rules, laws, policy, procedures and or guidelines etc information provided below for the Washington WA State Roadside Memorials is ever changing and we will do our best to maintain this information for you.  If you have new or updated regulation information that we have not posted, please let us know HERE.

Washington WA State Flag Roadside Memorials.

Washington WA State Flag Roadside Memorial rules laws, policy and more.

Washington WA State Roadside Memorials Sign Program.

Washington WA State Roadside Memorials Sign Program.  This is what the official Washington State Roadside Memorial sign looks like with a name added.

Washington WA State Roadside Memorial DUI Memorial Sign Program

The Washington WA State Roadside Memorial DUI Memorial Sign Program is a grass roots program, borne from an idea of people who had lost family members in collisions caused by drunk driving. WSDOT has embraced the program as a way to join together with citizens of this state in the ongoing efforts to combat Driving Under the Influence.

The standard Washington WA State roadside memorial sign features the words “Please Don’t Drink And Drive” below which is a plaque displaying the victim’s name. Along non-interstate highways, the signs are placed near the scene of the collision, one sign for each direction of travel. For the Interstate system, one sign can be installed along the on ramp nearest to the collision scene, in the direction of travel that the collision occurred.

The Department of Transportation has no jurisdiction on county roads or city streets, and thus, cannot provide signs along those roadway systems when it comes to Washington WA State Roadside Memorials. However, some local agencies have implemented similar programs, and the Department can provide the name and phone number of a contact person for those agencies having similar programs.

Signs can be installed if the driver causing the collision was convicted of vehicular homicide because of DUI, under RCW 46.61.520, or was fatally injured and shown to be DUI based on toxicology reports.

The sponsors pay for the signs. The total sign costs are $500 for Interstate highway on ramps, $750 for two lane highways, and $950 for non-interstate four lane highways. This cost includes sign fabrication and installation by WSDOT crews.

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How To, About, Can I, Where, Rules, Who, How Much Cost, Limits
for my State of Washington WA to put up a Road Side Memorial?

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