Roadside Memorial Tribute Controversy. Are they safe, non distracting and legal?

Roadside Memorial Shrine Controversy.  Roadways have been the subject of Controversy for a LONG time when it comes to Roadside Memorials.  Where do you stand?  Seems pretty simple until you start digging into this controversial subject.

Lets try and talk a little bit about the Roadside Memorials and the Controversy that surrounds them.  This seems to be a matter that still rises its ugly head endlessly.  The Question and responses and or reasons as to why Roadside Memorials are controversial is on both ends of the spectrum.  There is the argument about the Roadside Memorials being allowed and accepted as private set ups and the Roadside Memorials not being allowed as privately set up roadside Markers and or Shrines to honor loved ones that died most likely a tragic death on a particular Roadway.

The controversy with the Roadside Memorials comes with the debate of Safety and legality of this set up/sign/advertising in an unofficial way.  We have seen a ton of Roadside Memorials and yes we would say that some of them can be questionable and controversial due to the actual set up, size and or location of the Roadside Memorial.  When the Roadside Memorials are set up in an excessive or lager than life way,….its gunna attract attention to the actual Roadside Memorial its self and most likely from the State Officials.

Some Roadside Memorials can and have gotten way way way big.  This usually happens when there is a lot of press or a famous person or a large accident or incident where they are one well known person or many folks involved with the death of the loved one.  The larger Roadside Memorials are also build when there is a large community backing and it comes to honoring or remembering the Roadside Memorial victims.

So with the above LARGER than usual or excessively large Roadside Memorials comes the controversy of attracting too much attention.  Too much attention in the way that it creates a safety issue and concern to other motorists that pass the Roadside Memorial and get distracted.  Again this is controversial on what is distracting and what is not.  Some argue that all of the huge billboards with all of their crazy advertising is distracting, but a small roadside Memorial is distracting to the point where it is or can be or will be taken down.  To us that may be the actual controversy for the roadside memorials.

No matter how you look at it, safety is usually the main reason that Roadside memorials are so controversial.  And rightfully so if they are literally causing safety issues for the roadway users and also to the family, friends, loved ones or just passer byes visiting the roadside memorial tribute.  Roadsides were not built for pedestrians.  If anything they were built to make the roadways safer.  Meaning that they were not meant for citizens to visit the Roadside Memorials as if it were a cemetery.  As a visual it would seem to be fine as long as it wasn’t too too big, loud and gaudy looking.  It probably doesn’t take much for a passer by to call the states Department Of Transportation and complain.  If there are too many complaints, the state will come looking.

As the controversy of the Roadside Memorials will probably never end when it comes to discussion, debate and or if they should or not be allowed.  In the end, check with your state on if they have an Official Roadside Memorial Tribute program.  If you take this route to erect and honor your loved one, it would be official and not taken down by the state or anybody else for that matter.  Do the state programs come with a fee, yes usually.  So do your homework and help yourself when it comes to the roadside Memorial controversy of them being safe or not.

What we also see with the Official State Roadside Memorial Sponsored Program installed or erected signs.  These usually have a state themed safety message and then in the memory of……”said loved one” that these state roadside memorials are also still getting decorated with personal and private roadside memorial decorations.  With this comes more controversy when it deals with roadside memorials as in theory, this defeats the purpose of a state installed roadside memorial sign in many folks eyes.

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