Roadside Memorial Markers

Roadside Memorial Markers, What are they and Who uses the Roadside Memorial Markers?  Are the Crosses and flowers on the side of the roadways Roadside Memorial Markers?  I see them all of the time and always wondered what they were.

Roadside Memorial Markers, what are they and who puts them up?

Do you see the Roadside Memorial Markers along the sides of the highways and roadways.  They are a way to show the location of a loved one that has passed as a result of a death related roadway accident. Are Roadside Memorial Markers legal to put up or are you allowed to put them up?  Well that depends on the state and city and county laws, policy, rules, regulations etc on if Roadside Memorial Markers are allowed, not allowed, legal or illegal in your specific state.  Check the link here Roadside Memorial Markers QUICK LOOK LAWS.  Of if you want more detailed information on each specific state on Roadside Memorial Markers check this link here .

Roadside Memorial Markers can be made from and
into a million different set ups and designs.

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