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This Official North Carolina NC Roadside Memorial Registry page will allow you to register, plot, pin point and pay tribute to your loved one(s) Roadside Memorial for the State of North Carolina NC.  The regulation, rules, laws, policy, procedures and or guidelines etc information provided below for the North Carolina NC State Roadside Memorials is ever changing and we will do our best to maintain this information for you.  If you have new or updated regulation information that we have not posted, please let us know HERE.

North Carolina NC State Flag Roadside Memorials.

North Carolina NC State Flag Roadside Memorials, see the state laws rules and more below.


1. The memorial planting may consist of a tree or shrub. The plant varieties available shall come from a list of hardy plants established by the Department of Transportation’s Roadside Environmental Unit.

2. The location of the North Carolina Roadside Memorial planting will be approved by the Division Engineer in conjunction with the Roadside Environmental Field Operations Engineer and in consultation with the requesting party. Whenever possible the memorial planting will be located within an existing plant bed area. Whenever possible the location of the memorial planting will be within five miles of the crash site on interstate highways and within ten miles of the crash site on other system roads.

3. The Division Engineer must issue an agreement for a North Carolina Roadside Memorial Planting prior to installation of the planting. The following standard conditions must be met prior to issuance of the agreement: A. The cost of the memorial planting will be stated in the agreement and must be paid by the requesting party prior to issuance of the agreement. The minimum cost is $250 with the actual cost dependent upon the type and size of plant used. B. Written consent must be provided by the immediate family of the deceased in order for the memorial planting to be performed. C. The agreement will state the location where the memorial planting will be placed along with plant specifications.

4. For safety reasons, visits to the North Carolina Roadside Memorial planting are discouraged. At no time will individuals be allowed to erect crosses or other monuments, wreaths, flowers, ribbons, other decorations, or vegetation at the memorial site or at other locations within the right-of-way. These items can distract motorist and create hazardous conditions for drivers, pedestrians and DOT personnel. Such items placed within the right of way are subject to removal by the DOT without notice.

5. Installation, establishment and maintenance of the tree or shrub will be the responsibility of the DOT.

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Marilee Patterson

How do I register a roadside memorial for my son? I’ve been maintaining an area for a year now but would like something more permanent. Thank you.

Lavone Jones

I would like to have a memorial sign on the road my Son lost his life how do I go about doing this


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