How many Roadside Memorials are located in the USA?

Well that is a very good question.  How many Roadside Memorial Tributes are located in the USA.  As you can probably guess, that number is not out there.  One of the main reasons is that everybody and every state does their own thing when it comes to Roadside Memorials and putting them up and or building them.  Even for trying to figure out any one state would be hard to try and figure out how many Roadside Memorials are in that state let alone the entire USA.

Many states do have Roadside Memorial Official Sign sponsorship programs.  If your state does, then that is about the only way to know remotely how many Roadside Memorials are registered in that state from the DOT most likely.  Even with that, the amount of Roadside Memorials set up on the sides of roadways will always include officially erected Roadside Memorials and privately put up Roadside Memorials. 

So unless you drive every mile of road in your state or the entire USA and also seek the number info of Roadside Memorials in your state that are registered legally and officially, there is NO WAY TO EVER know.

If the USA as a whole went to an across the board program for Roadside Memorials, then eventually the numbers would start to come to light on knowing how may Roadside Memorials are in the USA.  But that would take a REALLY REALLY long time.  The states and each of their own laws and policy and programs….regulations and so on and so on,…….it will forever be a gaggle.  

But as each state addresses the sensitivity of Roadside Memorials and recognizes that there needs to be some kind or positive approach to them, then ore and ore official programs may get started up and not just as a revenue source.  Some states are free and other states Roadside Memorial programs are expensive at $1000 or more to participate in.

So with the above said and this article not even coming close to answering the question of How many Roadside Memorials are in the USA, your guess is as good as ours. Check out the many other articles that can help answer why there is no count of how many roadside memorials are located in the USA here.


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