How long can Roadside Memorials stay up on the side of a roadway or roadside?

A Memorial set up on Private Property.  Meaning that there is no time limit as to when this memorial can stay up or be taken down.  We assume that there was and is an agreement between the memorial owner and the property owner on how long the roadside memorial can stay up.

The question is, how long can Roadside Memorials Stay up on the roadside?  Well, that’s a tricky question on both sides.  Well you ask, how is that.  Even that question is a tough one to answer.  Some States have actual official Roadside Memorial Sponsored Programs and even with these State Sponsored Programs with real official signage, there are limits on how long these Roadside Memorial Signs can stay up.

They are either on a one time time frame or you are on a permit type time line.  The time line allows you to reapply for your Roadside Memorial Permit to stay up for so many additional years before it has to be renewed.  And usually the actual initial Roadside Memorial program has fees involved for the memorial sign and permits fo the Roadside Memorial signs to stay up legally per the States law or code etc etc.

Some states don’t have any programs and don’t legally allow roadside Memorials to stay up at all.  But the roadside memorials are tolerated do to the sensitivity of the memorials and meaning behind them.  Do these States go out intentionally looking for the Roadside Memorials so that they can be addressed or taken down or family members contacted telling them they are wrong and to go clean up and take down their Roadside Memorial…..NO.

Again its tolerated a lot of the time unless the Roadside Memorial is causing issues and or somebody may have reported it officially to the state.  In this case, it may be addressed.  We know that some states that don’t have actually programs do have some policy set in place that allow the Roadside Memorials to be up for 30 days or 6 months and then they have to be taken down.

These are also the homemade shrine design roadside Memorials made by loved ones and family members.  But even with these and the time limits, who knows what the actual time is if at all for a Roadside Memorial to be able to stay up and not be messed with or taken down.

We also guess that this can become a game between the state and the roadside memorials loved ones family and or friends.  Meaning, they make it and put it up,……state takes it down… puts it back up again…….state takes it back down.  We guess that this could go on forever.  We doubt that it would be like that back and forth quick like a cat, but you get the gist of what we are saying. The good thing is that ‘most” roadside memorials are small and homemade and not expensive at all.

So if the Roadside Memorial happens to get taken down and disposed of……putting up a new one won’t set you back very much. In this case its just as stated above,….who knows on how long a roadside Memorial can stay up.  Unless you are on an official state sponsored program that dictate specific time frames, your guess is as good as ours.  A little research and or simply putting up a roadside memorial and watching….this may be your best answer on how long roadside memorials can stay up and erected.

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