Highway Memorial

A Highway Memorial can mean a few things like a big elaberate county or state erected place of remembering or it can be what we are talking about in this site and that is individual home made Highway Memorials for loved ones who lost their life usually in a highway accident.

What is it, where are they and what do they mean or stand for?  I saw a Highway Memorial on my way home from work the other day on the side of the Highway.  It was a bunch of flowers, two crosses and what looked like a Teddy Bear.  Is this a Highway Memorial and if so, what is the real meaning behind them and where they are placed.  I also saw a metal sign Highway Memorial, is that the same thing? It was marked, Drive Safely and had a personal name at the bottom of the sign.

A Highway Memorial is usually an individually marked shrine at a spot, area or location of an accident victim that has died as a result of a traffic or roadway fatality unexpectedly.  A Highway Memorial is not a one person cemetery or grave yard, it is a marking of a spot and a remembrance of a person or persons that suddenly died at that spot or near location on the roadway location.  A Highway memorial is a visual reminder for those that knew and ALSO to the other motorists passing by that somebody died at that spot most likely as a result of a traffic accident and or other tragic means.  Back in the day, if that was your Highway Memorial, you were also probably buried at that same spot.  But obviously it does not happen like that in this modern day and age.

A Highway Memorial is usually built and or put together and designed by a family member, close relative or friend(s).  Also with a Highway Memorial comes the up keep and maintenance of the Highway Memorial.  There are a million reasons why they need looked after and maintained.  Usually its the weather elements that get the best of the Highway Memorial that was so nicely put together.  But also with the up keep of the Highway Memorial is the safety factor of family, relatives and friends visiting the Highway Memorial to grieve or to freshen up the set up.  This usually means people are on the side of the road along with their vehicle(s).  The Highway Memorial is there to honor a loved one that died at that spot, not to add more.  And trust us, there are fatalities where folks were visiting their Highway Memorial.  So with that, be very very careful when visiting, updating, adding or maintaining your Highway Memorial.

A Highway Memorial is made up from your ideas.  Meaning, anything that you want and how you want to make it and display it.  NOW….we caution and stress that the more elaborate, flashy, attention getting and LARGE is inviting the state to get involved in most likely taking down your Highway Memorial.  Why, because it has become an eye sore, distracting and dangerous for passing motorists and can create a safety hazard.  Keep your Highway Memorial small and “normal” and set back out of the way as much as you can as to not interfere with any Highway clean up or maintenance. 

A Highway Memorial is made up of but not limited to crosses, stuffed animals, real flowers and fake flowers of all kinds and shapes, inscriptions, holiday decorations, personal keep sakes, candles, solar lights, favorite items, photos, statues, trophies, quotes, hand written messages and more.  You name it and that is what makes up a Highway Memorial but mainly a cross and some flowers is the starting norm for a Highway Memorial.

A Highway Memorial shows and displays grief, mourning, love, remembering, family, not forgetting to include showing others of the loss at the location of a real human probably due to a roadway accident.  The location of the Highway Memorial can be any of 1 million things but the most common is a DUI, DWI or drinking while driving accident on through individual fault or vehicle malfunctions etc etc.  One thing is certain when you see a Highway Memorial and that is that somebodies loved one died at that very location wand they want them to be remembered with the Highway Memorial.  Along with the visual appearance of the Highway Memorial it also sends a strong message to all of the other passing motorists to be careful, be aware and use caution because if you don’t, that next Highway memorial could be YOU!!

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