Boating Waterway Accident Drowning Memorial Tributes

Do we have and what are Waterway Boating Accident Drowning Memorial Tributes.

Waterway Boating Drowning Accident Memorial Tributes.
We don’t see many of them but we promise you that they exist……or should.

Memorial Tributes when it comes to Water, Waterways, Boating, Swimming, Fishing and or Drowning accidents are NO JOKE and not to be taken lightly.  Just like Roadside Memorials we have seen a few of the water related deaths on the side of some of our local waterways.

Usually a bit harder to spot or to set up a waterway Memorial Tribute due to the location of where you would have to actually build and post it.  Depending on where you were trying to set up the water related Memorial Tribute, it may be Private Property on the shore line.  So you would have to get permission from the land owner to set up any kind of land based Water, Waterways, Boating, Swimming, Fishing and or Drowning accident Memorial Tribute Marker.

Setting up one of these Water related Memorial Tributes is just the same as a Roadside Memorial.  Because it would be water based and most likely the land where you put up the Memorial Tribute would be farther away than a Roadside Memorial, your Water, Waterways, Boating, Swimming, Fishing and or Drowning accident Memorial Tribute Marker may be larger if you wanted other water way passer bys to see it.  But as that is your set up, that would be up to you. You could also set up a posting on our Roadside Memorial Registry site here.

Without getting too deep into the water related deaths and how they happened, there are a billion articles and write ups on waterway accidents and deaths.  Not to many of them are related to Waterway or boating Memorial Tributes.  Again, if you think through this, one would think that many of the accident locations would be hard to get to for starters.  So in the case of Waterway or boating, drowning accident deaths, cemeteries may be the best bet to remember your loved one with a proper headstone or grave yard marker.

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