Ban Roadside Memorial Tributes? Below is some feedback.

A Roadside Memorial Cross with a White Cross and Yellow Flowers. Now who would want this Roadside Memorial banned and why? 

Ban Roadside Memorial Tributes. These Roadside Memorials are eyesores and pose a serious danger to other motorists and anybody that uses roadways. Can you imagine being thrown from a motor vehicle and you would have survived if you weren’t stabbed by the cross from the Roadside Memorial. In most cases Roadside Memorial religious based funerals occur on public land. Please respect the wishes and religious beliefs of everyone and not just your own selfish desires. Nothing will revive a loved one back up from the grave, quit trying.

Yes Roadside Memorials Should be banned. Not only are these Roadside Memorials just another huge distraction and eyesore for motor vehicle drivers that already way way too distracted in todays day and age, but these Roadside Memorial Tributes are also very sad to look at and depressing while driving. While the Roadside Memorials are visual reminders for loved ones of the victims, the rest of the world doesn’t  want to continually be be almost forced to have to look and see that somebody literally died at that spot, graveyards are bad enough and we don’t need this reminder as a Roadside Memorial every 3 miles down the road.

Banned, YES THEY SHOULD BE.  My honest believe is that all Roadside Memorials should be banned.  It is basic common sense, they are a big distraction and have ZERO need on the side of our roadsides.  They are a just another way that drivers will get distracted and cause even more accidents an deaths.  Why should we add to these Roadside Memorial Tributes which in the end wild add more tragic deaths on the roadways.  If you want to build a Roadside Memorial, don’t just do it, think about what it may cause down the road.  Now if the state allows them through special programs, then that is a different story.

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