Allow Roadside Memorial Tributes?

Roadside Memorials, what’s so wrong with them?  Why wouldn’t you want them allowed?

Here is some feedback we have received.

“Please Allow Roadside Memorials. I am ashamed to think that any human would want to deny a Roadside Memorial from any family. When my brother passed away in a deadly motorcycle accident, it was not something that we were prepared for financially. The family put together what we could afford for his services at the bare minimum and didn’t even have a plot at a grave yard. Luckily the property owner where the accident was located allowed us to put up a small Roadside Memorial tribute to honor my brother.  Is this really a distraction to other roadway users?  Is it any more distracting than any other GIANT billboard off on the side of the road with gobs of distracting advertising?  NO, not at all.  I wonder how many of you who want them banned haven’t had a loved one die on the roadway and now many of you who HAVE had a loved one die on a roadside want them allowed. Roadside Memorials should be allowed in all 50 states across the board with some guidelines for everybody to follow.”

“Allow Roadside Memorials, why wouldn’t you?  If you are really throw off that much by a small Roadside Memorial on the side of a road, you need to turn in your license ASAP!!  The roadways, highways, byways, roadsides are so so so so over infested with distractions that it IS dangerous these days to drive in some areas.  And I am not talking about the distraction of a small Roadside Memorial Tribute.   Roadside Memorials are usually small in nature and very close to the ground and not a huge built up structure made of steel beams.  Look at all the crazy advertising on the sides of the major interstates these days and many of them are going digital instead of simple poster type billboards. Roadside Memorials have been placed where they are because a loved one passed at that location or very close to it.  A simple tribute or shrine to honor them I don’t see at distracting in any way as long as its done in good taste and small.  Who is a Roadside Memorial REALLY bothering?  Hu?  Come on!!! I think that they should always be allowed.”

“Who are they hurting, I say Allow Roadside Memorials.  Seriously, who are they hurting?  99% or any Roadside Memorial that I have ever seen on the side of a road are very very small and compact.  Other than seeing or noticing it, who or what is it hurting or bothering?  Now if the roadside memorial is HUGE and 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide and looks like a flower shop with flashing lights,…then yes, that would be a No No.  Allowing small Roadside Memorials for families that want to set them up and for the most part maintain them, who is that hurting?  I don’t know why anybody would not want Roadside Memorials Allowed!”

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