Adopt and Sponsor a Memorial Bench

Adopt and Sponsor a Memorial Bench Programs. Does your city, town, county or state have a way into this Roadside Memorial alternative?

Before we come across as “cheap” we just wanted to say that to sponsor or adopt a Bench Programs are expensive.  So unless you have some extra cash laying around this or these Adopt a bench or sponsor a bench programs are probably not for you.

Okay, wow, how do we start this one with a level headed discussion on Adopting or sponsoring a park bench or tree?  The little bit that we have looked into this is the excessive cost.  When we say costs, we have seen upwards of $25,000.  Crazy crazy crazy……..

So even with the highest sponsorship or adopting fees being $25,000, even the lower costs are in the $1000’s of dollars.  As a comparative, California Roadside Memorial Sign Program starts at $1000+.  Come on Man………………………

Fairfax County Virginia Bench Sponsorship Levels

  • New Bench $2,500 and up * (Please add $57 convenience fee if donating online)
  • Fairfax County VA Adopted Bench $1,000 ** (Please add $22 convenience fee if donating online)

* If a non-standard bench style is preferred and acceptable to the park manager, the cost may be higher.
** Pending availability of an existing bench suitable for adoption.

New York City Central Park
The Adopt-A-Bench program was established in 1986 as a permanent fund to maintain and endow the care of Central Park’s more than 9,000 benches and their surrounding landscapes. To date, more than 4,100 benches have been adopted. In recognition of contributions to the fund, Central Park Conservancy installs a personalized plaque on a park bench of the donor’s choosing. Benches may be endowed for $10,000.

A bench is a wonderful way to memorialize or honor a loved one. Adopt-A-Bench for a birthday, anniversary, new baby, graduation – it is the perfect gift for any occasion! While the plaques take about 8 weeks for production and installation, a personalized certificate can be provided immediately upon adoption to notify the recipient that a bench has been adopted in their honor. You can write the plaque inscription yourself or let the recipient write their own.

The City of Huntington Beach California
Approved a standard bench, which is available for purchase. Mr. DeLaTorre coordinates bench donations for the City and will make the necessary arrangements for ordering and delivery of the bench; however, the financial transaction will be between the individual donor and Quick Crete Products; and Mark Bard Construction for the concrete pad.

  1. The concrete bench is provided by Quick Crete Products. The contact number for Quick Crete Products is (951) 737-6240. The approximate cost of the bench is $1,653.97, including the bronze plaque, there is an additional fee for a concrete pad which is needed for mounting the bench.
  2. This concrete pad is provided by Mark Bard Construction and is coordinated by City staff. Currently, the fee is estimated at $775.00.
  3. There is also a $250.00 Administrative Fee.

Washington State Commemorative Benches

With a gift of $8,000, you may dedicate a bench in the Washington Park Arboretum in memory or in honor of an individual or group. Bench sites are pre-determined in accordance with the Arboretum’s Master Plan and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The benches are replicas of the 1939 World’s Fair bench, which are featured in many Olmsted parks, including Central Park in New York City. A small brass plaque will be inscribed with your tribute and then mounted on the bench seat back.

Washinghgton State Trees

With a gift of $1,000, you may dedicate a tree in the Arboretum in memory or in honor of someone. The commemorative tree program adheres to the Arboretum’s collections management plan. Rather than planting new trees, we have a variety of young, already established trees that may be dedicated. In order to preserve the collections and enjoyment of the park for others, these dedicated trees remain unmarked (no plaques or signage). The dedication page in the Memorial Bookshows the location of the commemorative tree for family and visitors to reference on their visits to the park

Van Courtland Park New York  Park Bench Program

Donors who choose a bench through the Park Bench Program can have a personal inscription of their choice (and approved by the Parks Department) installed on a bench. Complete the Park Bench Program form (PDF, 38 KB) to take advantage of this opportunity.

Current park sites where benches can be adopted include the Parade Ground, Van Cortlandt Park East, Sachkerah Woods, Kingsbridge Green, Indian Field Tennis Courts, the lake, Canine Court and more.

Messages from marriage proposals to memorials are some of the inscriptions that have been conveyed throughout the Park Bench Program, citywide. Commemorative benches in Van Cortlandt Park are $2,500, and the funds help to enhance and beautify the park.  The Park Bench Program is modeled after a bench program started in 1986 by the Volunteer Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy.

But it doesn’t stop with benches! Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy offers various sponsorship opportunities —innovative ways for businesses, community groups, and individuals to provide financial support for the care and maintenance of their local greenspace.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities in Van Cortlandt Park, please call (718) 430–1890.

Maplegrove MN Minnesota Bench Sponsorship Program

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, honor a loved one or simply share a friendly message with park visitors?  Maple Grove Parks and Recreation Board invites you to participate in the Bench Sponsorship Program and give the gift of relaxation.

Each bench is six feet long, made of decorative, black cast iron with arm rests.  Each sponsorship includes a 2″x 10″ bronze plaque with your embossed message.  your plaque will remain in place for the the life of the bench which is anticipated to be about twenty years.

Proceeds from your sponsorship benefits the ongoing care of the benches, gardens and landscape around the three trail loops on West Arbor Lake, North Arbor Lake and Arbor Lake.

Each bench sponsorship is a $1,800 donation and is tax deductible.

The plaques can be embossed with 25 letters/spaces on three lines.

Your interest in supporting the parks and trails system is greatly appreciated.

Grandbury Texas Memorial Bench Program

The Memorial Bench program offers two bench styles to choose from. One is a painted green cast iron bench, and the other is a light brown recycled plastic park bench. Park benches can be installed any time of year, weather permitting. The exact location will be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Fees include supply and installation of selected bench:

  • 6-foot green, painted, cast iron bench: $1,725 ($1,625 on existing concrete)
  • 6-foot brown, recycled plastic bench: $700 ($600 on existing concrete)

Grandbury Texas Bench Plaques

Donor must supply a 3-inch by 6-inch (3”x 6”) bronze plaque. Engraving must conform to prescribed format. 
Memorial Certificate

Once the memorial tree or bench has been installed, a certificate and a map showing the approximate location of the tree will be mailed to the mailing address specified on the application form. 

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