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Where to Purchase Roadside Memorial Products Crosses?

Where to Purchase and Buy Roadside Memorial crosses and silk Flowers.

Check out these super high quality Roadside Memorial Crosses with Silk Flowers.

Where do I purchase Roadside Memorial Cross Products that I can use for setting up a Roadside Memorials?  There are many many places where you can get them from.  The cheapest will usually always be when you make them and use or purchase your materials and products yourself…….normally.  If you purchase your own cross material and other Roadside Memorial Products, you will have more control over what you make and how you make your roadside Memorial shrine.

If you want to purchase a Roadside Memorial Cross and or other Products to go along with it, there are MANY MANY options for you online or locally if you have any Memorial type of business stores.  Roadside Memorial Crosses and other products can be bought on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and the other many individual Roadside Memorial Cross companies that make these.  They can range from $10 to $1000’s and from small to VERY LARGE.  

As with other articles in the Roadside Memorial Registry web site, there is and are a lot or issues and controversy that surrounds this topic.  Meaning that if you want to make and set up your own and purchase your own roadside memorial cross and other products,…..keep it on the down low and not crazy expensive.  Reason being is that if your Roadside Memorial is taken down and removed….that you are not out a ton of money and effort.

God forbid that your roadside memorial is stolen or vandalized or taken down by the state and you never get your memorial back.  How many times would you rebuild it with the roadside memorial crosses and other products if you had spent $1300 initially building your roadside memorial.

We have seen some very very nice and very nicely priced roadside memorial crosses and other roadside memorial products for sale.  Many of these are customizable with your loved ones specific information.  These range from wood to granite to PVC type cross material.  

Basically what we are trying to say is that the Roadside Memorial that you are wanting to build is not in your front or back yard.  It’s on the side of a public roadside and anything can happen to it basically.  Do regular folks mess with these personal remembrances of loved ones.  No, but it does happen and more than likely than not,….it would happen on accident from state maintenance workers or state workers that were instructed to take your roadside memorial cross or shrine down due to legal or safety reasons. 

Where to Purchase Roadside Memorial Products and Crosses? Basically anywhere depending on what you are wanting.


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