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Erik P. Kruis Died on His Motorcycle

This is the memorial of my Brother who passed away on his ’07 Yamaha FZ1, he loved riding. We all dearly miss him.

Trooper Joseph Jon Bullock

Trooper Joseph Jon Bullock was murdered by a motorist who was then also shot and killed by a passing policeman.  The story is totally unreal...

Christensen Family

The Christenson family died in a pickup camper accident on August 31, 1975.  This included: Ella Christensen, Dolf Putnam, Mable Brock, Margaret Doyle, Theresa Doyle...

Debbie Bouwmeester in Edmonton, Alberta

Debbie was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident on Highway 28 at Henday Drive, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Monday, May 23, 2022. The Global...

Elizabeth Schoen on M152 and M51 Dowagiac Michigan

I took this picture at M152 and M51 Dowagiac Michigan. I searched and found out that the person who died was Elizabeth Schoen, who was...

Ashlee Donshae Bingham on I-75 in Cincinnati

Ashlee Donshae Bingham, who was 22 years old, died in a tragic accident on I-75 near Cincinnati, Ohio. I took a photo of this but...

Unknown on Phoenix Road in South Haven Across from Ginger Raceway just West of Lacota

Unknown on Phoenix Road in South Haven Across from Ginger Raceway. This is just west of Lacota, Michigan.  Photo provided by Hendrikus Bouwmeester(Rik).

Shelby at Rockville Road and Lyndhurst Drive in Indianapolis

Shelby died in an accident on Rockville Road and Lyndhurst Drive in Indianapolis sometime around the year 2000. If anyone knows more about this place...

Brandon W Minier

Brandon W Minier died on Leesburg Road south of US-30 just west of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Tony Sumner in Wonona Lake, Indiana

Tony Sumner died in a tragic auto accident in Winona Lake, Indiana on May 1, 2021 at the intersection of Country Club Road and CR...