Are Roadside Memorial Tributes Usually Left Alone?

Are Roadside Memorial Tributes usually left alone on the side or roadways or byways?  Well that is a good question.  There is NO federal legislation or laws on the books that governs Roadside Memorials and if they should or should not be taken down or simply be left alone.

Each state and maybe each county, parish or township i each state has the right to state what the laws are or are not.  We think that it is mainly for each state but have read some articles where only certain counties were making an “effort” to ban or get rid of the Roadside Memorials.  Now at what point of how exact they are at not leaving these Roadside Memorials alone, we are not quite sure.  Maybe it’s the more populated areas or roads that are being addressed or Roadside Memorials themselves that are causing safety or distraction issues that are being looked at and taken down.

Most Roadside Memorials are not allowed if they are erected by families and loved ones themselves.  Each State has laws on Signs and advertising on roadways and Roadside Memorials if they are not addressed specifically would get caught up in the laws and rules of legal signs and that process.  Meaning that if you put up a roadside Memorial that there is a chance that it til not go unnoticed and may not be left alone when it comes to the laws of that state.

a concrete cross with colored rocks around it and a battery powered light
This concrete cross Roadside Memorial will probably last a while.  It’s not overly
crazy but sends the respected message of a Roadside Memorial that will hopfully
be left alone for the family to enjoy and remember.

NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  most of what we see and hear and read is that your Roadside Memorial Tribute will be left alone as long as your roadside memorial is NOT crazy and or excessive and or causing issues with safety to the memorial owners themselves and or other roadway users.  That can also be subjective as to what is labeled as dangerous or causing safety issues.  But for the most part, if you put up and think through your Roadside memorial a bit when you build and put it up, your chances of it being left alone would be 10 fold.  Then again, maybe the state is hard core pressed to take down ANY roadside memorial as fast as they can.  But we doubt that.  All things in moderation.  If you want attention, you will get it and consequences may follow that in the way of your Roadside Memorial not being allowed and physically taken down.

 Most Department Of Transportations of each State have right to take down your Roadside Memorial on a 1 each case by case circumstance review. and in most of these case the family is notified that the memorial was not left alone nor was it allowed.  I am sure that they would site policy or laws as to why and or the legal process for you to follow is there is a Roadside Memorial Program that you can apply for.  If you want your roadside memorial left alone, check in with your DOT office and simply ask before you get your feelings hurt.

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