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We’ve all seen them – white crosses, bikes or makeshift memorials on the side of the road. They mark someone’s death. Usually, it’s an accident. Sometimes, a suicide. The question ghost hunters tend to ask: Is there a spirit tied to these Roadside memorials?……..Click for more.
The roadside memorials create somber landscapes along suburban highways and urban streets. Spontaneous displays dedicated to the memory of a loved one lost through accident or homicide, the memorials…….click for more
HOCKESSIN, Del. – Once a week, Lyn Forester gets down on her knees, clears the cigarette butts, candy wrappers and beer cans away from the base of a stark wooden cross……….click for more
Summer is underway, and Americans are once again hitting the road, heading for vacation destinations, taking weekend trips to the beach or shuttling their children to and from camp…….click for more
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 30,057 fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred in the United States in 2013, and 32,719 people died as a result of these accidents…….click for more
Beginning in 2003, Tom Zarrilli has traveled around the American Southeast documenting handmade memorials to departed loved ones found alongside highways. ……click for more
For the past two decades, roads became more than a medium of transportation. They turned into places that hold symbolic meaning to certain……click for more
A Roadside Memorial Tribute is a marked spot that usually commemorates a site where a person has died suddenly and unexpectedly ….away from home. …… for more
Roadside Memorial Tributes aren’t allowed in New York, so law enforcement officials help grieving families pay respects while maintaining traffic ………click .for more