Roadside Tribute is a place where families and friends can memorialize their loved ones lost in traffic accidents. It does this by providing a place to share a picture and story of their roadside tribute site they built along the roadway. The site was created by Jim Hill, a man who is a mechanical engineer that began working in automotive design in 1985 at the Ford Motor Company. After witnessing many test crashes he developed a passion for reducing automobile accidents.  

Benefits of registering your roadside tribute site on Roadside Tribute:

  • Roadside Tribute provides a means to preserve roadside tributes. Physical tribute sites require maintenance otherwise they degrade over time. Also, some states have laws restricting their creation and will remove them.
  • Roadside Tribute provides an easy means to share the roadside tributes online.
  • Provides a way to visit a roadside tribute site virtually online, anytime, without having to physically visit the site. Often times the roadside tribute sites are located in dangerous areas along highways and busy intersections, making it hard to safely visit them.

Roadside tribute is a site to remember. We are with you wherever the road takes you.

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